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' '(hereinafter referred to as' Robotics Laboratory') is to protect the privacy and rights of users in accordance with the Privacy Act and smoothly handle complaints relating to the privacy of users so you put the following processing policy.

Robotics lab will process your personal information for the following purposes. Personal information will be handled when the intended use repurposed as a purpose other than the following deprecated, and will obtain your prior consent.

Robotics lab will be announced through the case to amend the Privacy Policy website announcements (or individual notice).


 - This policy is effective from January 20, 2015.

1. The purpose of processing personal information


Robotics lab will process your personal information for the following purposes. Personal information will be handled when the intended use repurposed as a purpose other than the following deprecated, and will obtain your prior consent.


 - Register doctor will check for the purpose of processing personal information.

2. Personal Information File Tracking

 - Personal information Filename: Student Register
 - Privacy topics: email address, nickname
 -collection methods: Homepage
 - hold Rationale: Students attend class management
 - holding period: 3 years
 - relevant laws: the user of the complaint or dispute process on record: 3 years


3. The information about the third party providing the private information


 ① robotics lab provides personal information only if the Privacy Act, including special provisions in Article 17 and Article 18 of the agreement, the law of information subject to the third party. 

4. Privacy consignment

 ① robotics lab has entrusted the handling of personal information without work.

5. The right of the data subject, obligations and how those events


Users may exercise the following rights as individual data subject.


 ① the information subject to the robotics lab at any time you may exercise the following subparagraphs privacy rights.

 - Personal information view request
 - if there is such error correction requirements
 - Delete needs
 -processing stop request


 ② exercise of rights under paragraph 1 is written in accordance with the Privacy Act Enforcement Rules of Attachment No. 8 format for a robotics lab, e-mail, facsimile (FAX), etc. are available through the robotics laboratory without delay contrast action will be.

 ③ If the required information is subject to correction or deletion of personal information, and error robotics lab does not use or disclose personal information relevant to finish the correction or deletion.

 ④ exercise of rights under paragraph 1 may be through a representative or delegate such person who is the legal representative of the data subject. In this case, the Personal Information Protection Law Enforcement Regulations of the power of attorney must be submitted in accordance with Attachment No. 11 Rich.

6. Create entries in the personal information to process


 ① robotics lab and process the following personal information items.


 <Home Sign Up and Management>
 - Mandatory: passwords, login ID, name, e-mail
 - Select: home phone number, mobile phone number, student ID

7. Destruction of Personal Information


Robotics Laboratory in principle, if the purpose of processing personal information has been achieved, you will destroy the private information without delay. Procedures for destruction, deadlines and methods are as follows:


 ① destruction process
 user-entered information is then transferred to a separate DB objectives will be destroyed after a certain period of time, depending on the stored (in the case of a separate paper documents) and other relevant laws and regulations or internal policies immediately. In this case, the personal data transferred to the DB will not be used for other purposes not stand the case according to law.


 ② destruction deadline
 personal information will be held within five days from the end date of the period, when the retention period has elapsed privacy, personal data processing objectives, the abolition of the service, such as the business end of that personal information is unnecessary When you have destroyed the processing of personal data privacy within 5 days from the date of deemed unnecessary.


 ③ destruction method
 information in the electronic file format uses the technical means I can not play a record.

8. ensure safety measures of personal information


Robotics Laboratory has the technical / administrative, and physical security measures necessary to ensure, pursuant to the Privacy Act, as follows: 29.


 ① Privacy minimize handling and training of staff
 designated for employees who handle personal information are minimized by limiting the personnel enforce measures to manage the personal information


 ② regular self-audits
 and conduct its own audit on a regular basis (quarterly) for privacy-related stability.


 ③ establishment and implementation of internal management plan
 and establish and implement an internal control plan for the safe handling of personal information.


 ④ encryption of personal information
of the user's personal information is encrypted password storage and management, and the only person to know this important data using a separate security features such as encryption of files and transfer data or use file locking You can.


 ⑤ technical measures against hacking
 robotics lab privacy and security programs installed to prevent leakage and damage, and periodic updates by hacking or computer virus, the checks and install the system in areas to which access is controlled from the outside and technological / physically and surveillance and interception.


 ⑥ personal information on access restrictions on
 granting access rights to the database system to process your personal information, change, through the cancellation and the measures necessary to control the access to personal information and unauthorized access from outside using a firewall system You and control.


 ⑦ access records storage and forgery preventing
 personal information records for at least six months or more processing systems connected to the storage, management has connected history forgery and theft, we use security features to prevent loss.


 ⑧ locks used for document security
 documents that contain personal information, such as secondary storage media and keep it in a safe place under lock and key.


 ⑨ unauthorized user access control to
 leave the physical storage location that is kept separate from personal information about them to establish access control procedures, and operations.

9. Creating Privacy Officer


 ① Robotics Laboratory is responsible to oversee the work on the handling of personal information, and specify the Privacy Officer as follows to such complaints and remedies of the data subject relating to the handling of personal information.


 - Chief Privacy Officer
  Name: choehansin 
  Position: Safety Officer 
  Position: PhD
  Contact: 02-2123-2826,

 ② Information All subjects kkeseoneun occurred hasimyeonseo use the services of robotics lab privacy related inquiries, complaints, information regarding the remedies you can contact the Privacy Officer. Robotics lab will keep answers and treatment without delay for the inquiry of data subject.

10. Privacy viewed charge


 ① data subject has the reading claims of personal information pursuant to the Privacy Act can be a representative under Article 35. Robotics lab will keep personal information read request of the data subject is to be expedited.


 - Chief Privacy Officer
  Name: choehansin 
  Position: Safety Officer 
  Position: PhD
  Contact: 02-2123-2826,


 ② Information In addition, paragraph 1 view claims processing department received kkeseoneun subjects' privacy comprehensive support portal web site (the Ministry of Public Administration and Security also tonghayeoseo) Here you can view your personal information be charged.

▶ The Ministry of Public Administration and Security Privacy Support Portal → General → privacy complaints, such as personal information read request (for i-PIN identification (I-PIN) Must have)

11. Change Privacy Policy


① This Privacy Policy is applicable effective date, a further change in accordance with the laws, regulations and policies, there is the case that deletions and corrections will be posted throughout the seven days notice prior to implementation of the change.

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